COVID19 Research Project

This project is in partnership with the Military Technological College (MTC) Aeronautical Department (Muscat, Oman)


This project is about designing and building a low-cost Rapidly Manufactured Ventilation Systems (RMVS) to meet the Product Design Specification from the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority MHRA UK.

Project Documentation

Project proposal document and team briefing presentation are available:



List of Current Ventilator Projects





Ventilator (USA)


Buildable, pressure tested, and active. We recommend that project and its creator, Johnny Lee, be given all the money and volunteer assistance it needs.

oxyGEN (Protofy: Spain)


Buildable and active but not pressure tested.

OSV (Ireland)


well-organised, active, fully open project, but as of this writing not buildable.

List updated: 28/03/2020


Note: These projects MUST be monitored by the team.

Research Activities

  1. Numerical Simulations: Rotating body CFD, Plastics FEA, Single and Multi- Phase Flow, Multiphysics Simulations.
  2. CAD modelling and 3D printing using Solidworks
  3. Physical modelling of control, fluid and electromechanical systems using MATLAB.
  4. Prototyping control systems using open source HW/SW.


Product Design Specification (PDS)

A PDS is being drafted during the initial stage of this project. A brief guideline is provided below:

List of CAE Design Studies:

  1. Multiphysics simulation analysis for a 3D printed air blower.
  2. Particle flow in tubing and fittings using multiphase CFD simulations.
  3. Mechanical properties of 3D printed composites using experiments and FEA.

Links for parts to be 3D printed:

List of Arduino Sketches

The sketches below could be prototyped virtually using TinkerCAD

Basic Sketch

Basic Sketch + Control

Please Complete the contact form below to sign up for the project, in the comment section please tell us about any previous experience relevant to the project and what you can contribute.


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